Fourth Son Stained Glass

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Although centuries old, the Art of Stained Glass still lives throughout religious buildings, castles, cathedrals and private homes all over the world. These works are not only viewed as a pure art form, but often as a lesson in history. Hundreds of stories can be found recorded in this art form and are still being told and displayed by professional and talented stained glass artists.

Ron has been designing and creating stained glass panels, windows, domes and tiffany lamps for the past thirty-five years. He has had his work shown at many art galleries throughout the West Coast including Portland and Ashland, Oregon; Washington State; and in Palm Springs and Los Angeles, California.

He has been commissioned to design and create various projects for celebrities, homeowners, businesses and commercial clients. All of his work is original and one of a kind, although because of demand, some of his work can be made available through a limited edition collection.