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The FOURTH SON STAINED GLASS is dedicated to the design and creation of original, one of a kind, leaded and tiffany style stained glass projects.

With an advanced degree in Graphic Design and graduate work at UCLA, Ron has been recognized for his creative ability to capture the subject at hand with imagination and extremely detailed craftsmanship. He is an active member of the Oregon Society of Artists, Association of Stained Glass Lamp Artists, and the Arts Council of Southern Oregon.

Unlike most artists who tend to concentrate their efforts on limited subjects, Ron has diversified his art work to include unique portraits, landscapes, Victorian panels, Tiffany lamps and large shadow-box outdoor scenes that are used to illuminate unlit walls.

When Ron began his stained glass design work thirty-five years ago, there were just hundreds of possibilities of stained glass to choose from whereas today there are literally thousands of glass choices to accommodate thousands of different projects. The possibilities of texture and color are almost endless.

Ron works with clients on a commissioned basis. His work is affordable when considering this labor intensive process of glass design and construction. The most productive way to discuss your project is to contact Ron directly via telephone or email. He can be reached at (503) 747-3550 or toll free at 1-(800) 294-3700.